Non-profit organization, Non Political, Secular & Progressive Humanitarian Charity

HYASA Center is a community-based nonprofit organization in Glendale, CA, that has been providing support services since 2000.

HYASA Center provides philanthropic grants and services intended to improve and vitalize diverse communities through donations and contributions. The organization develops and supports numerous cultural activities as well as support to charities that provide funding for special humanitarian endeavors.

HYASA’s non-profit status enables the organization to provide low-cost assistance by those experienced in international culture by an educated staff. HYASA provides nationwide services with an emphasis currently in the Los Angeles metro area, the State of California and Nevada.

HYASA is passionate about the clients they serve and are driven to identifying and focusing on their successful outcomes.

Contact HYASA for a professional and private consultation for any of the many services our nonprofit organization offers.


HYASA Center provides funding for charitable events that support multi-cultural diversity and education through the arts, including offering fiscal sponsorship for civic organizations.


HYASA Center provides charitable funding and other support services, including special holiday activities and a memorial tribute to 9-11.


HYASA Center supports charitable programs for cultural diversity and also for veterans’ needs