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HYASA Center is planning a “9/11 Memorial Requiem” in September 2015, for the victims of 9/11 and their families. The concert will include ISM productions; featuring a 60-member symphony orchestra, a 50-member choir from leading choral companies in Los Angeles County; and internationally acclaimed artists and soloists.

This concert will be a solemn and fitting commemoration of the victims of 9/11. The center will donate portions of the proceeds to the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund, or the 9/11 Memorial Fund,

HYASA Center supports the Veterans Administration Medical Centers (VAMC) Domiciliary program. The facility supports service members who face challenges from psychological and emotional stresses related to serving our country.

A “Celebration of Veterans” started in 2011 as a holiday celebration at the VAMC for veterans facing rehabilitation challenges. The event featured dinner, music and entertainment. Members from all branches and periods of service from World War II, Korea, Vietnam and Middle East conflicts were represented.

For the 2014 third annual event we seek supporting contributions to make this event even bigger and better. Our service members need your support. They supported us. Now it’s our turn to support them at an emotional time of the year.

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HYASA Center provides funding for charitable events that support multi-cultural diversity and education through the arts, including offering fiscal sponsorship for civic organizations.


HYASA Center provides charitable funding and other support services, including special holiday activities and a memorial tribute to 9-11.


HYASA Center supports charitable programs for cultural diversity and also for veterans’ needs